Name: Vincent Browning
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches / 1m 75cm
Build: Well Built
Natural Accent: Northisde Dublin
Other Accents: Northern, Southern County Irish, London, Australian, American + more.
Skills: Acting, Presenting/MC, Stand Up Comedy
Contact: Phone: 086-8884748


Adrian Phelan is Going Home by Eddie Naughton January 2013 - Lead Role

. . . .but there is good stuff along the way, with the pub regulars on both sides of the Irish Sea well-drawn, even though the devastation painted in the denoument, supposedly in a passage of six months, is somewhat precipitate. The performances vary greatly but Vincent Browning as Phelan is convincing.

Emer O'Kelly, Sunday Independent, January 2013


Adrian Phelan is Going Home by Eddie Naughton January 2013 - Lead Role

Just back from Eddie's play. Not to be missed. Starts out as great craic with sharp politics and then turns inexorably dark and tragic. Best portrayal I ever saw of the Irish in Britain and the double standards of our pub nationalists who both berate and exploit the British state while they exploit their own too. Heartbreaking rendering of men who reject their own happiness out of twisted romantic nationalism. But its not a sermon , its a story. It has to get a London production. Last night is tomorrow - if you haven't seen it yet get down early - it was packed out.

Eoghan Harris, Journalist


'Audience' BY VACLAV HAVEL – April 2012 - Lead Role

''It's always interesting to watch an audience's reaction to a patience piece and Havel's brilliant on wrapping horror in absurdity. I've seen Anthony in a number of shows, but hadn't come across Vincent before - they worked very well together. Drunk acting is deceptively difficult to nail - brilliant work, Vincent conjured up every drunk bore uncle mixed with a bit of Les Dawson. They both played it with absolute conviction, exulting in an audience cornered along with Vanek, shifting their weight on the seats.'' Nick McGinley, Casting Director. – April 2012

Actors or Entertainers

You are either one or the other. Sometimes you can be both I suppose. I started out acting seriously about 20 years ago. One of the first place I trained was with the Gaiety School of Acting. The Gaiety School was in its infancy then and I worked with people like Patrick Sutton, Ray Yeates, Pat Laffan (Mr. Burgess, snip snip), and Mary Elizabeth Burke Kennedy. Voice coach back then was one Paul Moussilades. I hacked around Dublin for about 18 months but back then as now the work was thin on the ground. I also lived in London for a number of years and it was there that I had a go at Stand Up Comedy for the first time. A bit nervewracking for the first couple of gigs but I settled quickly. I played a host of comedy clubs around London and outskirts of that famous city, Jongeleurs was one of the more well known clubs.

Actors - The Stage

The Stage I think is every actors first love. There is nothing quite like the feeling when you perform live in front of an audience. There are lots of factors that make it the most exciting type of acting that one can do. For a start it is in the now, and you only get one shot at it every night. There is no cut or retakes on the stage. And audience feedback is brilliant, you can sense if they are enjoying what they are taking in. Tension, laughter, shock, sadness. They can all appear over the 90 minutes of a 2 act play. Brilliant is the only way to descirbe it.
I have been very lucky over the last number of years with the roles that I have got to perform. Some were masterpieces, others new writing that may well go on to be masterpieces. Some of the roles I have played include:

• Dale Harding (One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest)
• Harry Burke (Through The Dark Clouds Shining)
• F.X. Ryan, (The Mundy Scheme)
• Foreman (Audience, by Vaclav Havel)
• Adrian Phelan (Adrian Phelan is Going Home)

Plus lots more. I have also performed stand up comedy on the circuit here in Ireland. I've been lucky too to work on some great short films over the last 4 years of so. To see all of the younger talent in this country coming through you know that the theatre and film will be in good hands. I have worked with Award Winning Directors such as Sean Branigan who I think one day will be a very well known Director.
Maybe one day I will be a well known actor too. But in the meantime the show must go on. . . . .Have to go and look for a job now.
I am contactable by email or by telephone on 086-8884748.