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Voice Star – Saying Very Little!

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A story today in the Irish Independent suggests that singing star and music mentor of RTE's The Voice, Brian Kennedy had a fling with an International rugby player. And although the singer says a lot (according to the interview) he is not necessarily saying what we really want to know. In the interview by Niamh Horan, The Voice star Brian is very coy and he refused to deny or confirm reports of his relationship with the rugby player. Brian Kennedy who can be seen regularly singing ''Ireland's Call'' in front of 50,000 Irish Rugby fans when the team plays at Lansdowne Road in Dublin. When he was drawn on the matter the Belfast-born singer simply said: ''Oh dear. I can't confirm or deny''.

Attracted to Muscular Men

Although he could not confirm or deny his relationship with an international rugby star, Mr. Kennedy did admit that sporting hunks are certainly his type and he is very attracted to Muscular Men. He went on to say: ''What I like in a guy is old-school masculinity. I certainly would be very attracted to an alpha male guy. The bigger and stronger the better''. He added: ''I sometimes meet gentlemen who are at the top of what they do from a sports point of view''. He also said: ''All you need to know is that they are some fo the finest men on this planet. I am friendly with some of them''. For somebody who is saying very little Brian Kennedy seems to be saying a lot in this interview, but not necessarily the things we want to hear. He also added: ''I lived in England for a long time and I got to know one or two over there too.''

Falls Road Boy

The singer went on to describe his match day performances in front of the home crowds and what were some of his proudest moments. ''Coming from the Falls Road you can imagine standing out there on our big beautiful pitch — England on the one side, Ireland on the other side – and our President in front of me. (Brian I think you should stop here, I don't think you will be able to contain yourself) There's no greater feeling. I feel so proud, and it is only then that I realise what it must be like for Bono on a normal day singing. (What has that got to do with you having a relationship with a rugby player Brian?)

Rugby Friends

The Voice star then goes on a bit of a name dropping spree of his rugby friends in the article. Yes he bores us with names such as Brian O''Driscoll, Alan Quinlan. Brian also tells us of how much of a sweet heart thatD Drico is (Look Out Amy) and how nice it was of him to ring a day later and check if he was alright, after listening to him shite on about his broken relationships all night. Aaaaaah!
I am sure that Brian O'Driscoll will be delighted to be mentioned in the article as a ''Sweetheart''. Yes can't you see it now. Brian O'Driscoll running down the centre of the pitch in Lansdowne Road and Paul O'Connell asking for a pass. ''Any chance of passing the ball Sweetheart'', and Brian acknowledges the request by passing the ball. I won't go on to tell you what he said about Alan Quinlan, but it does make you wonder . . . . . .And of course Brian Kennedy must mention the saviour of his career himself Mr. Van ''The Man'' Morrison and how protective he is of him and how he has had such a bad year, ''God, what do you say to someone'', he says refeering to Van. He also goes on to explain that he has had his heart broken on several occassions and that being accused of having affairs with people that are simply not true hurts him the most.

Plugging Plugging Plugging

Then he gets into the serious business of plugging his new album which he has just completed and will be performing in the Olympia in Dublin on June 8th and 9th. (No need to send any money Brian, promotion is FREE on this website) He also teases us with a ''Will I – Won't I'' scenario. Unfortunately it is not about the rugby player he had a fling with, no it is just about some of the singers on the RTE programme The Voice. He says: ''I might even get some of the singers from The Voice to join me on Stage''.  . . .yipeeee! I am sure they will be delighted. And if you are just about to have your breakfeast, dinner or tea and you are reading this article maybe stop here! Yes Mr. Kennedy finishes off the article by letting us in to some of his more inner secrets: ''How he practices his Craft''. He does not always practice it in a conventional sense, NO Not our Brian. He suffers from insomnia (are you sure, you've put the rest of us asleep) and sometimes practices his craft in his P.J.'s or in the Buff. . . .''Create a Picture in Your Mind'' It is probably difficult I know. So maybe we will see Brian popping up on ''Pyjama Girls'' on TV3 next week. Oh I can't wait Sweetie . . . . .

Eastenders: Body of Former Actress Found!

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Reports in Newspapers and Television confirm that the body found in a canal in London was that of former Eastenders actress Gemma mcCluskie. Detectives in London, England believe that former Eastenders Actress was murdered after attending a high profile opening of a hospital in the UK. The police stepped up their enquiries after a headless torso was found in the Regents Canal and was confirmed to be that of Gemma. Today the brother of the former Eastenders star still remains in police custody for questioning.

Police Appeal

The police spokesperson, Detective Superintendent Fiona Mallon, who is leading the Sotland Yard investigation said: ''It is important that we piece together Gemma's movements from Wednesday February 29th up until her body was discovered in the Regents Canal in Hackney on Tuesday 6th''.

Superintendent Fiona Mallon also went on to say: ''We also urge anyone with any significiant information about this case to contact us as soon as possible. In particular we would like to hear from anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity around her home address in Pelter Street in Bethnal Green''.

Reported Missing

Prior to her body being found, actress Gemma McCluskie was reported missing to police two days after going missing. It was only when a member of the public who had been walking along the canal reported a suspicious object floating in the canal close to Hackney's famous Broadway Market. Police divers were sent to the scene and recovered the headless torso. They are still looking for the remaining body parts.

Hospital Opening

Gemma McCluskie had earlier visited the hospital event where she was photographed wearing a yellow long sleeved blouse with a round neck and navy-blue leggings. She is also believed to have been carrying a twon-toned Louis Vutton bag with beige handles. Police are also still looking for her BlackBerry mobile phone which had a white case. Friends of Miss McCluskie had been carrying out searches across east London handing out leaflets and making appeal on Social networking sites like Twitter. Gemma McCluskie arrived on the set of Eastenders in 2001 and played the part of Kerry Skinner in the BBC Soap on more than 30 occassions. Her character was a friend of Zoe Slater and a great-niece of the late Ethel Skinner.

Appeal by Police

Police are urging anybody who has any type of information to come forward and help them with their investigations. If people do not want to come in person they can call the incident room on 020 8345 3985 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.