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Saturday 20th of May seen the final night of a week of drama at the Tallaght Theatre, which incidentally is located (or tucked away) behind the Cuckoos Nest on the Greenhills Road, in West Dublin. The week of drama organised by Sean Ronan and his Out of the Blue theatre company comprised of four small pieces each evening. Audience numbers were good for the week, but as Sean said to me ‘When you put on play’s here you need to have your audience sold beforehand as there is no passing trade really’. All in all i think he done a great job.


Mr. A – That was the title of my character in the piece called ‘Recession’ which was written and Directed by Sean Ronan. Recession told the story of how all this Austerity and Recession can affect ordinary people in extraordinary ways. What ‘Recession’ the play pointed out was the fact that some people will go to extraordinary lengths to cherish whatever they had in the Celtic Tiger days. It also portrays the fact that some people want to stay blind to the fact that they cannot keep up with the Jones’s anymore and rather than admit to the fact they are willing to accept jobs that can end up putting themselves and those around them in mortal danger.

Take a Look

Below I have inserted a clip from Recession via YouTube. This is the final 6-7 minutes of the piece but I am sure it gets the point across that if you try to live by the sword then there is a real possibility that you will die by the sword. Take a Look for yourself and I apologise for the lady laughing throughout the piece.

Mr. Blueberry

Another piece which was on in the week of drama was a Frank Allen piece called Mr. Blueberry. This was a lovely little story about the rich and poor. This piece told the story of ordinary Dublin people and how different events shaped their lives. Similar to what we are experiencing in our economy today with unemployment and emigration and austerity. Mr. Blueberry’s story was set in modern times but with memories of a by-gone era. Mr. Blueberry a native Dubliner, who along with his family was forced to emigrate back in the 1950′s to England. During his lifetime he became quite a successful businessman and enjoyed trips back to his native home (which incidentally was based in and around Clanbrassil Street) and like most Irish people he enjoyed the trappings of success by entertaining himself with horseracing.

Wolfie meets Mr. Blueberry

On one of his trips home Mr. Blueberry crosses swords with a Socialist called Dee Dee (Dave Dempsey). Dave is similar to the character that was played by Robert Lindsay in ‘Power to the People’ back in the early eighties. Dee Dee is a man of the people and he believes that the riches should be shared equally and all that nonsense. And without giving the whole story away both characters paths cross and little do they know how closely they are linked. If you ever get a chance to see this piece, I strongly recommend it.


On Friday 1st of June Big Hank and Bear open in Clarke’s pub on Peter Street, Drogheda Co. Louth as part of the ‘Beat on the Boyne’ festival with our production of Vaclav Havel’s ‘Audience’. We performed this piece very successfully in April in Dublin’s Exchange Space on Essex Street Upper. We also had the pleasure of casting director Nick McGinley for one of the shows, and he gave us a really nice review.

New Writing

Also on the night of June 1st – 3rd there will be new writing piece as part of the show that will be performed in the bar area of Clarke’s Pub after the main event ‘Audience’. So if you are out and about on Friday, Saturday or Sunday then why not pop along for an evening out with a difference. Door Open 7.30p.m. and Admission is €10. €8 for the unwaged.

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